Paul Budnitz Bicycles

So fucking smug it’s sickening:

The man who made bikes beautiful again | Design | Agenda | Phaidon

I started looking around for a bicycle that was elegant, incredibly beautiful, super lightweight with top components but made for city riding,” he explains. Naturally, there wasn’t one - a state of affairs that armed with some articles on the physics of cycling given to him by his father, the advice of bike industry legend David Lynskey (creator of the first titanium bike) and a handful of prototypes he quickly changed. Paul Budnitz Bicycles was in business.

The guy obviously didn’t look very hard

super tight clearances, massive seat to bar drop and discs on a road bike…what’s not to like

Bike snob already tore this guy a new one.

Great minds think alike.

so that one up top is the elegan and beautiful bike he came up with?
the feds should check his computer, cos he’s def got some fucked up pictures on his hard drive if that’s his version of beauty…
goddamn, id rather ride a kmart dualie

yeah well Budnitz just stole this design from Blacksheep Bikes anyway, so why would you buy it?

check here for the rant post today on: Redirecting...

hmmm… and Blacksheep stole it from Merlin’s paperboy. Merlin stole it from Schwinn. Schwinn stole it from some other balloon tire manufacturer. Someone else will steal it from Budnitz. Hopefully only Budnitz will try to claim the look as his own idea.

This guy doesn’t stand out to me at all. Look at most companies recently started in the bike industry these days, its all about words on the internet, likes on facebook, collaborations with amazing artists, blah blah blah. Everyone is claiming to be the first artist/deisnger with taste* to take a fresh look at bicycles. Zero points for experience or conservative/traditional/proven designs unless you have the right social media consultant spinning it out there to the kids.

*or bob parlee’s case, first engineer to look objectively at carbon bikes

You should have a five minute TV spot after the news JP.

Would watch.

thing is blacksheep haven’t claimed to own that design, and thats why they haven’t pursued Budnitz, they know they have no claim to the design. you’re right Blacksheep have shaped this from old school bikes like the merlin *newsboy, and schwinn models. Fact is the work was done by blacksheep and he took that directly to get reverse engineered. he didn’t even bother trying to make a version on his own, he got someone else to do it then he copied that. Talk about a lazy fucker.

Exactly the story of the stumpjumper, except budnitz offered blacksheep the chance to produce them before going to asia. I totally agree that its a goon product and i would never buy one, my rant above wasnt saying he is a good guy, it was saying he is one of soooo many dip-weeds in bikes these days. Interesting that they tell people to check out retrotec inglis first… I didnt know he did ti.

But i will add, extra arsehole points for saying no rad bikes existed after having two of them built by blacksheep. People that i know like his ti mtb bars.