Paul Duplex Lever help

I’m changing my brake set up from short to long pull an I need to move the pivot pin on my Paul Duplex Lever

I can’t see how to release the pin to move it & don’t want to stuff the lever. There is a split washer with a coupe of holes in it that seems to hole the key…

Can anyone give me any tips?

use circlip pliers (or a small pointy thing) to remove the circlip, push/drift out the pin, reposition, fit circlip.

often just getting something in one of the holes and flexing it out of its groove will allow you to pop it off quite easily.

thanks blakey, that worked

i used some small pointy pliers and got the circlip off & moved the pivot. the circlip is little more open than before but should be ok i hope

if i get worried where can you buy circlips?

Any decent hardware store / fastener supplies (not bunnings) should have what you need.