Paul Funky Monkey not clamping properly

I’m using one of those Paul thingies which doubles as a seatpost clamp and a cable hanger for the rear brake.

I’m sure I have the proper size to clamp on my frame but after a couple ks the seat post moves and goes down in the tube. Any ideas to fix this? Thanks for any tips, I haven’t done much research so far as it just started.

I’m pretty annoyed cos this thing ain’t cheap.

crosscheck? 30.0 IIRC?

ain’t no better seat clamp than a salsa liplock IMHO. doesn’t solve your cable hangs (unless you put a hanger over the salsa bolt)

carbon paste on the seatpost if you have the right clamp and right post but something’s marginally wrongsized.

Yes, 30.0. Will try carbon paste tonight, thanks.