PayPal payments outside of eBay


friend just bought a bike from interstate and the seller is asking her to pay via paypal, but outside of ebay, to save on paying fees to both ebay and paypal.

is she still covered if, upon inspection by an LBS, the frame turns out to be cracked or whatever?

can you lodge a dispute like you can normally? seller says yes, buyer is unsure, bike wasn’t cheap so she wants to be sure.


i know you can select the ‘pay for goods’ rather then sending as ‘gift’.

seller would get charged a percentage, so you avoid ebay fees, but not paypal fees.

thanks jase. seller is ok with fees from paypal, just doesn’t wanna have to pay ebay fees too. buyer just wants to make sure she’s covered if the thing is cracked etc…?

is there the ability to lodge a dispute etc?

Paypal “buyer protection” applies for goods transactions outside of ebay. I haven’t ever had to test it so can’t comment on whether it means a damn.


yes ‘your friend’ is covered

also fund the payment via your friend’s visa card for another layer of protection

i’ll tell ‘my friend’. i wish ‘my friend’ meant me, but, alas, i do not have the money for a Time roadie with 10sp campy record.

think the thing that threw her was that it states “When you pay with PayPal on any website”. as the payment won’t be through the checkout system on a website, there was a little bit of apprehension.

thanks for your help folks.

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yup, ive had an ebay transaction outside of ebay about 2 years ago and it went south, opened up a paypal dispute, the seller didnt respond within the given time and i managed to recover full amount.

so, you’re protected. but i’d advise that if your friend is buying from a forum member or any other websites and the order didnt go well, ask the mods to keep the ads up until your dispute is settled.

awesome, thx for the info.

sale was through eBay, so should stay there for 90 days.

Make sure she adds the description on the item to the add note section and as Alex said used your visa as it is easier to recover.

Also once you open a dispute DO NOT close it until you have the item and are happy with it. You can only open one per transaction…

While more of a fuckaround, especially for a purchase from a private individual seller, your friend will of course have a remedy outside of Paypal / ebay. VCAT rules supreme for the regular Joe. All it takes is a $40 application fee, a couple of letters, and a morning at VCAT giving your best. (And no problem if the seller is interstate; only if they’re overseas.)



thanks everyone, this has now been paid for with visa using paypal outside of ebay.

fingers crossed that’s the last we hear of it!!