Pearl Izumi stockist in Melb?

hey does anyone know who does PI in Melbs?

I liked my old PI gloves and want to get some more but the PI Aus site is of absolutely no use.


i bought a pair from CBD cycles down near spencer st (18 months ago…)

bought some from bike force docklands even moar longer ago

P.S. Mrs FROG finds them excellent…

for playing netball

Cecil Walker has some Pearl Izumi too but not the biggest range.

I was in Cell the other day and they had some PI stuff.

Most stores have an account with them. NFI who has regular stock.

try Cell Bikes online, they stock heaps of PI gear, or torpedo7 has em, catch them on discount for best prices.

Cheers guys,

I’ll go have a look at the cell bikes near me and Cecil and CBD.