Pearson Bat Bike

Pearson Bat Bike | Trade Me


(note: the front brake! Thats one sweet fixay)

this beats the shit out of any softride or zipp, hands down.

This one is waaaaay more ghetto
Softride triathlon road racing bike beam suspension | eBay

holy. shit. greater than the sum of its parts.

Is Anyone a registered member on ‘TradeMe.NZ’
as I dont want to pay to register, but want to get the sellers email so I can ask details about the bike
As I want to buy the frame to make a monster with BT aerobars and rear disc and front disc…
HELP A BROTHERRR (ill even put a sticker on the frame once its built for internet promotionness)

Im a member, what do you want to ask the seller?

A few of these frames around Auckland. I went to some weirdos house who had 3 in the roof space. Creepy dude who wanted way too much for them.
They are all incredibly heavy too but pretty rad!

I want his email adress.

Also, wtf would someone have 3 frames in their roofspace?? Wierdos

christopher dot costley at live dot com. Look forward to hearing from you.