Pedal advice for Surly Steamroller

Hey All,

I’m looking at picking up a complete Surly Steamroller as a commuter, but don’t know what pedals to get.

I’ll be riding this with normal runners most of the time so I think clipless pedals are not an option.

Does anyone have any favourite pedals for their fixed commuter? Sorry I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to equipment.

Cheers for any advice!

MKS GR9s with toe clips very comfortable
shifter has black ones too i think

The MKS GR9’s do look good.

After reading some other threads in this forum maybe SPD trainers and clipless pedals are an option.

Is anyone using the 661 SPD shoes and pedals? Thoughts on them? The Shimano shoes look ghey

I’m currently looking for some two-bolt shoes that are walkable and don’t scream ‘bikeshoe’. I also have some pedals that are clipless one side and platform the other, and they work quite well.

Specialized Tahoe’s are supposed to be good, here are some others I turned up, not sure if they’re all in production or available in Oz.

Adidas El Moro
Specialized Sonoma
Shimano MT41
661 Nuevo
Diadora rove
Lake MX60, MX101
Cannondale Roam
Knog Franco

whats the pedal model that is clipless one side and platform on the other?

There’s a few. I have some BBB Dual Choice, takes SPD cleats. Shimano also do a model.

How do you find the BBB dual choice? They look like they have a wider platform than the Shimano model.

Do the cleats snap in and out OK?

Actually I was looking at the wrong Shimano pedal. I think I’m going to settle on this so I have both options or riding in normal shoes and SPD’s depending on my trip:

Anyone here have or used the Shimano PD-M324’s before?

Another vote for the GR-9’s.

Good and comfy.

Anyone here have or used the Shimano PD-M324’s before?

I’ve got them on mine and I’ve been running them for about 8-9 months with no real problems.

If anything the only slightly annoying thing is when you need to clip in sometimes you have to let the pedal spin around from the flat side to the SPD side as they don’t always stay SPD side up.

yeah thought that might be an issue. have you put toe clips on the platform side or just left it bare?

PD-M324, spd one side, bear-trap style the other. Or PD-A520, they call it a ‘touring’ pedal - I had a set for a while, you can only really use the spd side.

yeah thought that might be an issue. have you put toe clips on the platform side or just left it bare?

I’ve left it bare

Custom Nuevo’s - you’ll never have to worry about pedals again.

ARGHH…I cant decide. I keep flip-floping.

Either platform MKS GR9’s, the bet each way Shimano PD-M324 or some pure SPD clips and go buy myself some SPD bmx shoes.

am i missing something? they look like standard track pedals?

fuck it…i ordered the MKS GR9’s and toe clips from Kookie.

Thanks for all the advice. learnt a bit about pedals :slight_smile:

The standard ones are these. Cost the same as the GR9’s.

What size pedals (road or track) and what size cages are you using, big boy?

I ride on the Customs. Got an L size (steel, Lapize) on at the moment, but they are too big. I’ll reckon an M would be a better fit.

The L’s appear to be about 65mm from pedal edge to toe end. If that helps.