Pedal Recommendation

I had a quick search around but couldn’t find much info on pedals on here…
I’ve just bought myself a new decent set of cranks and figure its probably time to upgrade from the second hand bmx platform pedals with straps while I’m at it too… What sort of pedals are worth looking into?

I only do about a 15km round trip commute for work for the most part so I’m not sure if I’ll be better off with a toeclip/strap setup or a clip in system?


If you can be bothered having a second pair of shoes for the commute (or just walk around in cycling shoes) then clipless is good fun.

I use Time ATAC’s on my Kagero but then looking into clipless opens a whole can of worms. (Do you want double sided or single sided etc.)

Otherwise for convenience, especially if it’s a short commute, clips and straps will do you.

What straps do you have at the moment? Might not even need upgrading those and you can look into some night platform pedals like the Fyxation Mesa.

for 15km round trip I’d just go clips and straps.

Edit: what they said.

MKS GR-9s, cages/straps.

Yeah I thought clip less might be a little overkill for what I’m doing.

Those MKS pedals are definitely more what I’m looking for, will look into them for sure.
Are most cages and straps much for muchness? Anything to look out for?
I’ve just got a set of cheap eBay velcro platform straps at the moment…

holdfast - best

Decent clips / cages and straps make a difference (MKS clips, Toshi straps), but if you’re going from Holdfast type straps to (metal) clips and straps, prepare to have your shoes chewed up.

I use clipless (mtb) for my <12km commute. I use chrome spd’s and wear them around most of the day when I’m not at work.

Which ones?

Speedplays :stuck_out_tongue:

MKS pedals and double straps are great. Go singles if that’s all you can afford… leather though, not nylon cheapies.


Always an option to go SPDs with compatible work shoes, such as these: Sportivo Black - £174.96 : DROMARTI Revives the Leather Shoe, Beautiful handmade Italian leather cycle shoes and Italian bicycle frames

Otherwise, my BOgear toe straps work well on my fixed and I have speedplays on the SS


MKS pedals are good. I even have a new pair for sale, in black. I’ll PM.

I also have a pair of silver mks pedals, with double straps and cinelli cages if anyone is interested.