Pedal thread-al

I am just at the stage of putting pedal to crank and am a little stumped by the tightness/resistance of the thread.

I have read sheldons section on pedals and it sees this should work okay.

I have old (80’s/90’s) campy strada cranks with 9/16 x 20F on the thread, and Kyokuto Top-Run pedals (thanks mj) which read 7x7 or 7xZ which doesn’t seem to relate to anything I can find.

My question is that the greased pedal screws in a few turns and then becomes fairly tight but still has a fair way to go. Should I keep with the pressure and force or will this stuff up the threads?

Any information would be great.

(Oh also I was using a short allen key. Would it just be lack of leverage?



Can you thread the pedals in from the back of the crank to see if the threads feel ok?

Or, it might just be some dirt in the threads. If the threads are clean and it’s still too tight it sounds like maybe they’ve been cross threaded or otherwise damaged.

Or are they some non-standard thread pitch? I’ve got some way old wing nut style track nuts that will thread on to a modern 10mm axle for about 4 or 5 threads then it stops because the thread pitch is slightly different.

I second the reverse thread trick. I’ve found that pedals do generally have a tight spot in the threads regardless of how new they are.

If it’s a very wee allen key, you’re correct in surmising that it might not have enough leverage. I have a 200mm pedal spanner that would pro probably give you a better ‘feel’ when threading the pedal on.

If they really don’t work, I’d be happy to take the pedals back as my girlie might have a use for them (always the case after you sell something!).

*oh yes re: strange thread pitch - they did come attached to French cranks after all.

Will try that later.

Seems they should work…


Campy cotterless three armed cranks (9/16 x 20f), Cinelli (ModGiro Ditalia 64) Bars, Cinelli Milano stem, “Vicenza” Campy shifters, Campy chromoly fork, “Velox” Campy rear derailleur, one rear Weinmann 610 brake, Kyokuto Pro Ace pedals,

Fingers crossed.

Can someone get me one of these?

Ha ha.
Gave it some welly this evening. Felt a bit tight but all seems well. (See you in a pile on the floor when it fails.)

That’s the spirit!

Hey if all else fails, just cut the thread off and weld the things on :expressionless: