pedals for street

I’ve been using some cheapie VP pedals with toeclips, but they are a pain to fit snugly to my shoes leading to ugly deceleration, and last night the platform snapped under what would be pretty routine acceleration :frowning:

What’s a good strong toeclip pedal that is ok for use with casual shoes on the street?

What sort of price should I be looking at? The VP ones I had were ~30 from the local shop.

And more generally… What types of pedals do you guys prefer to use?

I’ve always had clipless pedals for a fixie. I don’t like the play of the feet in toeclips and straps.

Better feel and control with using clipless pedals I reckon. Currently running eggbeaters. Shoes for clipless pedals can be pretty casual … lots of styles these days that don’t look like cycling shoes. I ride to work and wear my shoes the whole day and no one’s the wiser.


I think you’ll find most people here are probably using either SPDs or eggbeaters.

I’ve been using eggbeaters for a couple of months maybe after using SPDs for years. I reckon eggbeaters are a lot better, but you can get SPDs quite a bit cheaper.

Sounds like a good time to see how this bb software does polls.

SPDs - with maybe Time Atac as the next option - dunno why not Eggbeaters?

[edit] - since found the poll in “street”

You’ll never like straps and cages until you get leather double straps. Mmmmmmm. Worth every penny.

Look for a pair of Suntour Sprint or Superbe Pedals.

Absolute Gold. You’ll pay good money for them. But they are fantastic.

Yeah, sometimes it gets a bit jerky slowing down, but you have to love steel toe caps.

Just don’t try riding in Thongs. it hurts a bit if you try and slow down suddenly!!!


mmm I have a pair of suntour superbe pro pedals, MKS NJS clips and alredo binda straps. I found them in my garage cleanup today ! Never used them though…

  • Joel

what, so you were just strolling through the garage, and voila, a set of suntour superbe pro pedals had materialised amongst the rubble?

i hereby officially request you package those babies up and send them to HQ here in melbourne, for a full year-long product test. i assume within 12months another set will have appeared in your garage, at which point i would second the request with ‘but you already have another set, oh please let me keep them. please sir.’

let the good times pedal.



WOW…suntour superbe pro pedals…do you think they are better than my plastic flat wellgo?

Man, my feet were burning after the sat ride, must have done over 70kms by the time I got home. Volleys, although good, are not really the stiffest of shoes.

If I went to clipless, how would I do my track trials?

I am quite sure I have a set of Superbe pedals somewhere in the shop. Not sure of the condition, but someone really wants a set, they would be for sale.

I know I have a set of Superbe small flange road hubs, which are very nice indeed.

I recently passed up a set of Superbe high flange track hubs new in the box from a mate here in Sydney for a $100. I am kicking myself.

Thanks for all the ace info guys! I got some crank bros candies on the way from ebay :slight_smile: So I guess it raises a followup question: Shoes? Are the Diadora runner type ones any good? How stiff a base is best? What brands do you prefer?


Just check to see how recessed the cleat is if you plan on walking anywhere in your riding shoes. I’ve a pair of some kind of Shimano mtb shoes which are pretty simple, with a decent recess and a stiff-but-not-too-stiff sole. Still, they aren’t the kind of shoe to go running around in. I’ve also got a pair of Pearl Izumis, which look just like a skate shoe and have a recessed cleat and are great to run around in and kick anyone that needs kicking. Only issue is they are lace-ups.

lace-ups! Nice. Are they the “Groove+” model?

I’m not sure what the model is called, I threw out the box and it isn’t listed on the shoe. They’ve got a gray stripe going down either side of the show and the rest is black and generally comfy.