Pedals & Lights

Went to the bike shop yesterday looking for cage pedals and lights for night riding. They got some 35 something dollar lights basic set and some cheap cage padals for like 14$. Just wondering if theres anything better out there that you would recommend before i go buy something i will regret. Thanks.

Spend some money and buy something decent in the first place. If you buy some cheap crap, you’ll only end up spending more to replace it when you realise it’s crap.

I’d get some Sylvan pedals, which’ll last you for a while. You can chuck clips and straps on them. And check CELL Bikes, CyclingDeal, BikeBug etc online for lights on special. Get something decent and bright, not those tiny things no one can see.

+1 on bright lights. Something like this would do nicely: Lezyne LED Mini Drive 150 Lumen Front Light
For the rear, anything that has a bunch of LEDs will be fine.

Knog blinders are rad for rechargability and brightness, not the best for illuminating a dark path though.

I’ve got knog boomer usb’s, as bright as you need and the usb charging is great as replacing flat aaa batteries can be expensive. Also good because you can remove them in seconds so when the bike is locked up, you can take the lights with you.

$50 will get you a bright set of knog like USB chargeable f+r lights at Saint Cloud

I have the single LED Knog Blinders, thbey do good. As FT said, not going to show you the next chasm/speedbump/pothole but will be bright enough for a safety light.

thanks guys

I got an exposure Diablo for the front, yes it cost as much as my frame but I ride where there are no street lights on the way home in winter. It’s 990 lumens with a lithium ion internal battery, gets about 2-3 hrs on medium/high and is at least as bright as a car headlight.

Had it two years, still holds a charge, still bright, gets soaked constantly and hasn’t missed a beat. The cost is just a memory now and the light still rules. It’s worth buying something decent. The Diablo joystick is pretty bright at 330 lumens and around $100.

hi all,

newbie wanting to contribute. you probably have made your purchase for pedals & cage but thought i’d add I recently fitted pair of MKS Urban Platforms (from alexcycle) with VO strapless half clips (from flying machine in perth).

great combo & quality

Has anyone else had an issue with Knogs when they get wet?

I rode home in the pissing rain yesterday, when I go to the garage this morning the thing is happily flashing away to itself, then turn it on leaving work tonight but when I get off the bike at home the thing has shut down (fuck knows how far I rode with no rear light), turn it on to make sure the batteries aren’t dead and lights up no worries but now I can’t turn the bastard off without pulling the batteries out.

This is the second set that has played up after riding in the rain, shitty luck or are these a summer light only deal.

What knogs do you have? My bro had trouble with the bullfrogs. I’ve got boomer usb’s, ride in rain all the time and no issue at all.

My Knogs have always been a bit temperamental. The rear one won’t turn off sometimes, and the front one has no set flashing sequence(s), it just seems to flash according to whatever beat it’s got in its little robot mind on the day. Rain doesn’t help though, the back one seems to need to dry out sometimes after it gets wet (won’t turn on for a day or so).

First one to pack up was a Bullfrog and the one that’s playing up now is a Skink. I don’t want to dump more money into something that won’t see out the winter, but I like the design of them.

Mine are rears, I might try taking the missus hair dryer to it.

Buy boomer usb’s. I’ve had them for over a year and no problem, they are a little expensive but they work, and you save money not having batteries!

I bought a lezyne micro drive off wiggle for a bit under $50. usb chargeable, 150 lumens and I was able to use the mount on my helmet.
my rear is an ‘infini’ (cheap china brand), was $20 from my lbs but is usb chargeable as well, bright, and lasts for ages. as for pedals, I use cheap spds.

Looks like you can only get the Boomers in a twin pack, I’m only after a rear, I have the equivalent of a small star on the front.

Just looking at their site and the Blinder 4V Pulse looks ok, but I’m still a bit suss on the waterproof claims.

I was eyeing up those as well on Cell.