Pegged fixed.


Nothing new about pegs on fixed wheel bicycles

I got the impression that it would damage axle and/or dropouts since it was never designed for that. would be handy for dinking the GF at times.

I’m waiting for 14mm axle track hubs to come out.

im kinda wanting to say buy a bmx

Exactly! People put BMX stems, riser bars, flat pedals, pegs, tiny gearing on track frames… meh.

i’ve seen suzue ‘disco’ track hubs retro-fitted with 14mm axles. it took swapping the original bearings to make it work.

it was done because the guy kept bending the stock axles on his rear hub. same guy is now riding these 15mm axles.

Pretty soon they’ll basically be fixed 26" BMX’s (which will be rad btw…), and then they’ll make them freewheel because they can do the tricks as easy … or even better, could you imagine fixed 20" BMX trials riders, they would be incredible to watch!

Well they ARE doing BMX tricks, just not as well as on a BMX


just imagine that red x is the footjam whip photo from the above blog link.