Pelizzoli Leggenda

Finally got all the parts together and got it all put together at shifterbike, I really do feel that (unlike with my last bike) I won’t need to be replacing anything any time soon. Holdfast/bmx pedals are there until I get used to the toe overlap,for me it’s much easier to shift my foot back if I turn too steep without worrying about the cages hitting the wheels. The bike comes in at about 7.9 kg. Could not be more happy with how it turned out, just gotta get through the last month of vce to get into some serious riding again :slight_smile:

Part List:
Frame/Fork: Pelizzoli Leggenda 56cm
Headset: Campagnolo Record
Front Wheel/Hub/Tire: Campagnolo Omega V/Suntour Superbe Pro/Continental
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire: Campagnolo Omega V/Suntour Superbe Pro/Continental Gatorskin
Sprocket/Lockring: Surly 17t/Surly
Cranks/Chainring: Campagnolo Record Pista Crankset
Chain: Izumi chain
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Veloce
Pedals: XPD alloy pedals/Hold Fast FRS
Stem: Nitto Jaguar 80mm
Handlebars/Grips: Degarri Risers/Our Grips
Seat post/Saddle: Zoom Seatpost/San Marco Concor Supercorsa

Woah. Lovin’ it.

Though the fork would be nicer if it was MAX - the dimensions would look better, I think the currently one is a bit ‘spindly’ for the OS tubes.

it’s really nice. you should experiment with stem length and bar width a little though

Probably because it’s supposed to look like a Cannondale.

i think this is my favorite build for ageeesss! like an old cannondale track but BETTER! so nice. kind of really like the short stem/thin forks too. good stuff.

Yeah I might go to a 100mm jag stem if I’m able to sell/trade this one

exactly how i would of built it up, fucking lovely!!! TWO THUMBS UP BRAH.

Nice. I agree about the stem, but there’s no way an internet person can tell you what size stem you should ride.

Gee that was quick. This was a bare frame sitting on Dan’s bench at 11am.

Looks awesome lad

Yeah I see what you mean. I’ll put some more miles on it and see if I need a new stem or not but for now it has been perfect

Hot damn. Buy an expensive lock.

looks bigger than 56 in that first pic<

sweet build though!

meh, bottom bracket and headset only take a little while and everything else goes on in about 10 minutes.
saw one very happy customer leaving shifter as i was rolling in this afternoon. (i was on the fluoro travesty)
looks super-nice in the flesh!

I like this dropout - I a bit of a sucker for mechanical fixings.

nice ride - I like the short stem, looks good!

I like it a lot, nice parts list and a tidy build

+1, goddamn. A bike thief would be just as hot under the collar as we are about this.

It may just be due to my unskilled eye/photo angle but the fork looks like it’s on a really vertical angle… Looks hawt!

haha thanks man, yeah both my balcony and the photo is on a slight slant. But it does have a very steep fork regardless

this frame is deffinatly on my wish list. Nice build man