PEMS TEST (Pre Employment Medical)

I was just wondering if anyone here has ever done a PEMs, recently or in the past? for jobs such as police, firefighter, paramedic, or other position. Either this week or next week I have to go get a PEMs test for my application, so I am frantically trying to burn fat, although my BMI is perfect (I still have a lil’ beer gut) I also have to have a PEMs examiner to sign me off to do a beep test.

I just wanted to know what was involved? I know vision is tested and some flexibility but I was just wondering if there were any tests which can be practiced? any questions you are asked? or any tips anyone can give for passing with flying colours?

Any help will be very appreciated as I’m really hoping to get this out of the way with, and get my application sorted asap!

Cheat somehow. Micro-dose on testosterone, clen and EPA

enjoy that one, i’ve done it +10 times…i think only once i didn’t spew afterwards.

not sure if they still do it but when i applied for the fire brigade many years ago i had to do a beep test .

have you looked at a cop lately? the only thing they burn through is the fabric on the inner thigh of their trousers.

I’ve done army, cops and firefighters.

The tests the docs do are very basic and only look from MAJOR physical problems you may have including sight (inc colorblindness), hearing (where they do the beeps that get softer) and other major organ issues (questionnaire).

The flexibility test is just touch your toes - I don’t think it matters if you can only touch your knees. They also normally test balance - stand on one leg.

The only questions they ask are if you have had major surgery, relatives have heart defects etc. Nothing you can really study for.

They might do a piss test.

BTW - I am glad the cops didn’t want me based on “personality differences” because firefighting is the best job in the world.

yeah ive done one, no beep test, + urine test.

its no big deal. just be sober, and being a cyclist you will have some level of fitness so will be fine.

Big thanks el Bardo, It’s a lot harder getting to be a Firey in Queensland than a cop, with age restrictions and a lot higher fitness capabilities.

HLC yea, I’m not worried about fitness, think I have that down pat, only have to run 1600m to the Beep test to get an A.

It’s true that getting into a fire service can be competitive, that’s why I never applied when I was younger.

One day I thought “screw it I’m going to have a crack”, and I got in. It’s worth having a go even if you think you will only be an outside chance.

In the end I scored a job as an Aviation Firefighter - better pay, better leave and when was the last time you saw a plane crash in Australia? (big touch wood).

So what do you do all day?



By the look of this thread, the same as the rest of us.

Fap Fap Fap…