[pentabike] watch

my watch broke so I just ordered this:

you too can order this gem of fixie goodness for AUD$5.83 delivered.

It’s a photowatch from Custom Sport Metal Watch | ArtsCow.com
I used the image from http://stroker-ace.com/ignite/content/products/product_images/PENTABIKEGOAT_large.jpg
Use the coupon WATCHSALE for the price to be US$4.99 delivered to Australia

I opened this thread expecting to see a watchlist for pentabikes around Melbourne.

This is better.

Gosh so tempting!

“Gosh” doesn’t sound very metal, HeavyMetalCyclist.

I’m keeping things clean to secure my place in Valhalla.

i’m sure you only need to be polite when rapin’ and pillagin’. general duties don’t come under scrutiny at the doors.