People of Australian Polo

Hi Guys,

The player profile photos are up on

Bike Polo

This is a collection of portraits I shot at AHBPC11 and it is my aim to expand this to cover everybody in Australia, including those not at AHBPC11

It’s nice to put a face to the name, especially after a big tournament and meeting people for the first time

If you are in BNE or GC and would like to contribute some portraits in a set, please let me know!

Thanks to Brook for help with the CSS

Pure awesomeness right there! Thanks for taking the initiative. This simply rocks (especially for me who forgets EVERYONES name).

MPS win the stupidest photos (closely followed by Ollie!)

benee wins for retaining his mysteriousness.

good idea, well executed.

and don’t worry dave, ive called you a bunch of different names too!

Thanks guys!

Yeah i was really saddened when I found both Benee and Leigh were missing… if you look really closely you can just see a feint outline of Benne hiding in the shadows like a ninja, but by the time you look he has already killed you

Nice work Rob.

+1 for MPS stupidest photos

I was plenty prawi enough and brad wasn’t shit enough by the way…


hi there people of AUSTRALIAN POLO.

hope yall having fun in seattle at that little competition thingy they call the worlds, (also hope your drinking awesome beers from awesome microbreweries)… oh yeah and good luck!

Hey Guys, i’m planning to do another one of these for AHBPC12 and to fill in some of the blanks from last year too (Leigh and Bennee)

It would be great to have some help collecting people, it was really hard work chasing people up last time :slight_smile: