people with trucks, rejoice

from a deceased estate

unfortunately no postage

think the bike at the back has an adjustable stem which can go for over $200 on its own

woah, you must have good eyesight if you can spot something like that

Kinda tempted. Anyone want to try and push me over the edge with talk of splitting petrol and one night’s accomodation? I’ve only got a ute, so I suppose half the stuff will end up at the tip and we come home with about 10 completes each.

Is it still worth it? Probably not. Hmmmm…

Oh my. I wish!!!

I live near dubbo and dad has a truck…lovin life.

I have a ute, fuel, and half one night’s accommodation.

Dad and I are thinking about doing a road trip, good for the 120 hours i have to do… :slight_smile:
Anyone know what % of the stuff we would fit on a trailer?
Could possibly do a ute+Trailer

Probably 30% on trailer, and 30% in ute tray.

Can you tow a trailer on your L’s?

you would easy fit it all on a ute n trailer, half the shit you could throw out before you came home.

Definitely would fill it up with the good stuff first. Not sure about the Trailer thing, but you can drive a lambo when you’re on your L’s but not P’s… So I’m guessing you probably could…

Did anyone get em? i didn’t get home in time. o well woulda been good i live fairly close.