Perineum-crushing bike seats give cycle cops "penile numbness" and erectile dysf

Who’d of thought the “nose” of a bicycle seat was implicated in “penile numbness” and erectile dysfunction in bicycle cops.

One of the comments about the article made me laugh though:

#10 posted by padster123 , August 8, 2008 2:01 AM

This chimes with something else I read the other day, about how the riding style encouraged by those ludicrous “fixed gear” idiot-bikes means that those that ride them run the risk of impotence!:

“Because riders can’t stand up in the saddle to coast, long rides can result in reduced blood flow to the reproductive organs, which studies suggest may lead to impotence.”

So, next time one of the little dorks sails through a busy intersection at high speed, because he can’t stop or accelerate due to the lack of brakes or gears on his absurd vehicle, I can calm myself with the knowledge that, quite possibly, he can’t get it up.


Send those softcock bike cops back to the cruiser. They will get much harder sitting on their arses and chomping whimpies.

Or you could set the cops’ bikes up properly so they’re not sitting on the ‘nose’ of their bicycle seats.

…or not… :smiley:

In truth, by the look of some of the bike cops around Brisbane, I’d not like to be on the run from them. They look like they are fit and know what they are doing - not that they go round dropping stunts.

I wonder if the guys in the traffic department ever get Trucker’s Double Arsehole …