Perkins Custom Track

Hey guys, a customer came into the shop today with this mid-90s custom built Perkins track frame. It’s custom drawn Columbus Max tubing and has Suntour Superbe hubs and a crankset to match.

What kind of value does something like this have these days? I’m a little out off the loop at the moment.

It’s in immaculate condition, and I think I’ve talked him out of drilling the fork to take a front brake!

if in top condition, i don’t think $700 would be a crazy amount to ask for the frame.

damn thats nice… is he selling it?

If it is for sale then I’m sure the FoA Mafia will snap it up.

maybe have an FOA auction?

Thank GOD for that

Not yet, but he’s pondering it. If I wasn’t trying to get rid of my extra bikes I would have made an offer. It really is in amazing condition. Only ever ridden on the track. Hubs spinning beautifully too.

What would Darryl charge for a new one these days?

As Icecream says, $700 on a good day if mint condition - from a shop like FYXO / Shifter. I think the value Perkins is fairly up in the air tho’. If it appeared on eBay I would be surprised if this went for more than $500. A buddy of mine bought a Perkins Reynolds 853 Aero tubing (circa 2000) for $750 as a complete with Suntour & Miche parts.

EDIT: Mind you, he got a it for a steal.

I think it would be $2k +

It was about $1,200 new back in '95 (…when this was new, I guess I didn’t have a clue, I thought the world with change with the right song…).

Hey does he want to sell it?
I will pm you.

What size is it? I’m in the market. But I’m also kinda short.
Well, girl-height, anyway.

i would pay a lot of money for this

Looks like a beauty, like one of those Columbus Max-styled forks. Always liked those, the usual round-toobed track forks get old after awhile.