Perkins Max Track

Here is the Perkins that was in the ebay thread!

Tidied it up a bit with a new nitto cockpit and post and miche tubs.

Sorry for the shit phone photo

can’t link to your gmail.

upload here, grab the IMG code.:
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nice build mate, well done.

fuck. this is porn. flite + columbus max = perfecto!

When it looks fast standing still, you know you’ve done well.

Nice frame.

… I mean the ikea one.


Jokes aside, that’s easily my favourite bike that’s come up lately. Score.

straight up gangsta

glad this went to a good home, looks fkn sweet.


Yep, this be ticking all my boxes.

really like…

Looks rad.



mitch dog, dayum

Was telling Daryl about this last week. Bring it down to disc one Tues, Thurs or Sat morning 6-8 and show him

Yep. This is super rad. My soft spot for Perkins’ bikes is obviously still apparent.

Would very much like a Perkins like this.

Some new pista’s