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9 Wide World of Sports - Cyclist Shane Perkins a ‘work in progress’ - YouTube

is rad. gotta love the channel nine drama and gloss. tabloid sports journalism at its best!

“shane perkins has lived a life with no brakes” fav quote from that vid…
good stuff though.

whos got the track sprint acceleration record? 0-60 in 5 seconds is pretty impressive

gene mills

Holy shit 1:33 that’s my photo!!!

i don’t think they have one.

kevin sireau currently holds the flying 200 WR at 9.572 seconds

better get a lawyer, son.

“The exposure will be good for you”

Do you have the rights to those shots or does Gavin?

The exposure would be good if they said the photo was actually mine.
And rights are mine I just let Gavin use them for his videos.

I’m so out of touch with this kind of stuff. Worst comes to worst it’s a learning experience for me as to what kind of rights I need to start paying a lot more attention to when it comes to my photographs.

People stealing your photos without asking sucks, but unfortunately it happens all the time. Hell, even Fyxo did it to me last week.

which pic?

I couldn’t work out whether they meant this in two ways or one.

more like four dude.

'twas a joke. you got screwed.

What were your settings on flickr as far as creative commons / copyright?

Good luck getting anything out of Ch 9. Even an apology.

Just had the ‘All Rights Reserved’ as I always do.

And I’m not even going to bother. It’d just be a waste of my time.

That’s some classic big business channel 9 shit right there…
Call channel 7 and see if they can whip up a today tonight take on things
“budding young photographers are being violated by media institutions and left to dry” would sound some thing like that

Channel 9 are in the wrong according to the Copyright Act. Just a matter of how hard you want to push it. If you say “all rights reserved” on Flickr, it’s very explicit what other people can do with your pics. I reckon in the future, limit sizes of pics to 1000 pix on the longest side. Then if a TV company wants to edit in HD video, the stills will look fairly crappy.

Just a pic from Roobaix a few years ago. Had Markee’s better half in it actually.

No biggie really, I emailed him as I was curious to know how he found it, given all my flickr pics are all rights reserved. Google images apparently. I wasn’t too fazed, as at the end of the day it makes no difference, but you’d hope that people are polite enough to ask permission first.

You could read discussions about this kind of stuff on flickr for days.

yeah, sorry about that dave.

Lol, I forgot about that. But the thing is, you did at least ask me, you just didn’t wait for me to say yes before you used them! But as if I’d say no. And you mentioned that in the blog too I think, it’s just being polite isn’t it.

I take photos to share with people, so when mates use them on their blogs, that’s awesome. But when a commercial television company uses your image in a feature piece of theirs, that’s infuriating.

I’d hate to think how many times your photos are used without you knowing about it.