Perth City. First Ride.

Went to Perth City for my first “real” ride on the bike hike day when i saw everyone riding down the freeway when i was on the train. sooo… got to the city, did what i had to do then went back to greenwood unlocked my bike and went back, had a pretty fun time. Found the specialized shop, went in and they got some pretty cool gear there… then headed down i think it was barrack st or hay st then went to esplenade down to river road up through and passed the parks down there back to perth station then went to freo. Freo was awesome!! Found a bike shop hidden away in the back streets that got alot of stuff there (heaps of different coloured tires) dunno what its called but ima head back there when i wear my current tires down. Went back to city and then to beaufort street saw a couple of fixed riders there didnt stay for long just checked out HighsAndLows and then road to Leederville and trained it back to Greenwood. Oh yeah, saw heaps of fixie riders in the city which pretty much inspired my reason to go pickup my bike. Don’t know anyone though, i’m new to the scene. Had fun on my own though. Just thought id tell everyone as it was a very memorable and good first ride experience on my first fixie, btw… its a cell thanks for recommending it, its a great bike!!!

So i guess you didn’t build up the Malvern Star after all…

All i gotta do with that is sticker it and apply the top coat :smiley: