Perth Concorde, 70 bucks!

Too big for me, surely someone could use this.

not a concorde concorde

whaaa? how can you tell?

Rack mounts.

as well as guard eyelets, lack of pantos and cut out luggs.

Still worth $70 I reckon.

yeah i think so. ofmega shifters?

Lower end Suntour is my guess.

Maybe not, but there is no mistaking the legitimacy of this Eddy Merckx: Eddy Merckx 1980’s vintage road bicycle | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Stirling Area - Scarborough | 1024827093

Oh lololol, you had me there for a moment.

Merckx definitely pimped his name out on some similar gas pipe shit boxes back in the day.

It seems this Concorde has pantos AND eyelets.

Italian Lugged Steel Race Frame AND Matching Forks Concorde WIN Pista BAR in Sydney, NSW | eBay