Perth Cycle Polo

There ya go… Its opposite Nandos. (ignore the 4pm Sunday stuff… old picture)

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After thursdays spectaular crash, i decided i needed a bike of my own for polo so picked this up from freecycle, i had to buy a pair of innertubes, the only thing is i need now is a break leaver, the one ive got atm is too short and hasnt got enough leaverage. does anyone have a leaver knocking about they could part with for minimum $$$$ and bring it to polo tomorrow?


Lugging and brake cable braze-ons aside, it looks a tad like this eh?

hey, yeh I got a couple, i’ll bring em down.

Mid-Week polo,
Thursday 7pm Start @ the Colonnade Carpark.

Sunday Polo Today
3pm Start @ Polo-nade (Colonnade Carpark)

Tuesday is the new Thursday.

Tuesday Midweek Polo.
6:30pm start @ Polo-nade.

If anyone that is poloing this sunday happens to have any OS flat bars and spare front brake setup they are willling to sell, let me know… gotta get rid of the horns.

hey kirk. I might have some stuff lying around. Im guessing you’re only looking for a lever?

Anyway, Sunday polo is on at 3pm @ the Colonnade carpark.

cya there.

cheers, probably the full setup actually. Just so I can chuck the horns back on afterwards and not change the setup on them

sunday. check

hmm, well I have some levers, but they may not fit OS bars. Ill bring them down and we shall see :slight_smile:

still waiting for my swansea to be painted and built up

looks like a ball, hoping to sort out a frame and join you soon!

If anyone feels kinda enough to bring a chain whip + lockring tool tomorrow I’ll trade 1 cold beer for their use.

done and done !!!

Polo is on tonight!

6:30pm start till we’re tired. Colonnade Carpark.

Whos coming over to Melbourne to Play? Should catch up for Beers

Daniel aka Undies aka 21

hey Undies, me (I was playing on the white “Fuga” track bike when you were in Perth), Brad and Ash are coming over for Polo.

look forward to catching up.

How’s the elbow?

Hub’s wrecked… anyone feel like investing in a freewheel only polo wheel?