Perth Cyclocross

Just thought id let poeple know Perth Mountain Bike Club hosted Perth’s first cyclocross race saturday gone. I raced B grade and must say in my small racing career it was the most FUN i have had. Short courses, obsticles and terrain, cow bells, people sitting on the grass cheering on between gulps of beer, talking after with a beer in hand. This is what riding events are all about.
Cant wait for the next one and hope it is as successful as DIrty deeds and the likes around Aus.

good rant over.

long live cyclocross.

Saw a flyer for this taped to the changing rooms in my building.

Saw the flyers online, wanted to go, didnt. I will next time. If only for the beer.

Could make a ride out of it:

Meet central
ride to event
Jeer and drink beer
ride to pub/nice destination

Im keen. Always keen for shenanigans. Riding and Beer is a bonus.

ftfy ha!

chyeah lets have some regular rides this season!

I’ll be at Saturday’s race on my bamboo cx bike yeah! No idea why Perth’s chosen to run the CX series in the middle of summer, but I guess we’re all a bit backwards over here! Should be fun anyway!

whats the deets for Sat? I’ll come down and skeet.

Sweat and Sand CX Round 2 | Perth Mountain Bike Club

Racing starts at 5pm at the Midvale Speeddome this Saturday!

Holy crap that was a challenging race. Temperature was around 32 degrees on a very exposed and dry and dusty course. I raced C grade and started well, but faded towards the end due to the heat. I think I came in 4th last :frowning: Anyway, fun was had and it was great to see cyclocross getting started over in the west! Hopefully they’ll run more during winter when it’s a bit cooler.

A few pics of the B and A graders:

Perth Cyclocross Sweat and Sand Round 2 - a set on Flickr