Perth Fixed gear stock

Hey guys. I have just moved to Perth and was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up on any good bike shops that may specialise or stock fixed gear part. Hubs , cranks etc. cheers

Try Elite Racing Cycles or Ideal Cycles for a start.

edit soz for the bland reply, don’t mean to be rude or anything, but let us know how it goes…

and oh yeah, welcome to Perth :smiley:

In addition to Ideal Cycles (South Street, O’Connor) n ERC (Beaufort X Newcastle Street, Northbridge), you could try:

Balmoral Cycles, Victoria Park (local Hillbrick n Miche sellers)

Cycles Bespoke, Railway Parade, Bayswater (run by a couple of lads who have been all over the local scene for years - starting as couriers back in the 90’s!)

Or, if you wanna save quid$$$, shop abroad.

But best you support the LBS, now!

I went to Elite Racing Cycles and I have got a good bicycle there. I buy that one and I gonna love it. Thanks for mentioning Elite Cycles name. I used three cycles but I was never satisfied but now I am happy. Thanks

Yeah I think ideal cycles is pretty good. I’ve been here for 5 months and still trying to find a good shop to go to regularly. I live near balmoral cycles they are pretty good and the guys at elite are alright too!

Ideals got a pretty good selection of FG/SS parts.

I know where you can find a nice little set up to get you started =D