perth fixed scene

Hey guys,
Moving from London to Perth at the end of the month for the next few years and was wondering how popular fixed wheel bikes are around the city? Coming from London, every mother, brother, sucker is riding one. Building up a new one when I get over… IRO frame with open pros, sugino and njs assorted pieces on there. Going to be based in Sorrento for a while. If anyone is in Perth and wants to link up or got any info, tips on the state of play in Perth that would be great.


Sorrento! Mate that is a long way out of town! bogan central! nice beach out that way though…

Im Perth born and bred but in Melbs at the moment.

Get onto which is a Perth courier/fixed site. callname “chapstix” is the mod and he will help you out. Lovely bloke.



Cheers Byron, legend.
It’s fookin miles out i know but my girlfriends folks live out there and we need a base till we get ourselves on our feet. Hopfully 6 months and we’ll be nearer civilisation. Heard about Bogans… I’ll keep my eyes peeled!! Cheers for the link mate, I’ll check it out now.