Pet peeves / nasty habits / pre-ride rituals / boarder line OCD concerns

hey guys long time lurker, first-ish time poster. soz if this topic has been covered. i couldn’t find a thread and thought it may provide sum lols

so i was curious to know what pet peeves if any do you do / have before riding or just in general lifestyle?

when i built my first bike a few years back i did it on a reaaaallly low budget, it was an old eatons frame that i found in council cleanup. 10speed, rusted 27’’ wheels, skinny skinny chain and its fair amount of surface rust. long story short, original rusted spoke rims with suicide hub & glued on cog. DIY straps made from old leather belt and original shortened chain. pretty much the definition of a death bike… but hey i was young and psyched.

one sunny arvo i was riding to the local watering hole, and found that i hadnt quite nipped my stem up as tight as it should be and found my self with no steering, going rather quick and in abit of a pickle. being a young hero and riding brakeless as u do, i paniced and grabbed the front wheel to slow down, burning my hand but managing to awkwardly dismount without to many injuries.

pretty much from then on iv always been paranoid about my stem being loose or my front wheel nuts being loose even with my chromo 02’ Fuji track (i’ll do a write up soon) so i check them every time b4 i ride and carry a baby shifter and alley key in my pocket and check the tightness everytime i stop mid ride

My nasty habit is checking every 10 minutes.

^ ditto


People who ride with their helmet hanging around their handlebars.

Keys hanging off jeans

my pet peevs, are doing forward flips off car bonnets before my morning coffee =]

I hate white bikes and any white bicycle parts.


+1 same goes for cars they just look plain haha , each to their own though!


I however do like coloured chains- within reason.

Also, not so much a bad habit but more a necessity, checking crank bolts in case they are loose. Also when overtaking other riders I always go to look in my mirrors as if I was driving which is awkward/frustrating. But doing 40 000 kays a year will do that to you.

R&B music… anyone who listens to it and any form of it.

Rubbish 'n Bullshit

ultra hipsters riding suicide. get some straps fools!

Would you prefer I wear a lanyard? :slight_smile:
My OCD concern is ALWAYS checking I havent lost my keys (thats why i keep em locked and within reach on my jeans) and checking for lost wallet out the back pocket.

Dislike Fixed w/o foot retention +1
and bikes that obviously have had the credit card pulled out and just bought of japanese sites. Oh wow ANOTHER Vivalo.
My nasty habit is never changing my chain resulting in horrible noise.

need positive yin to my negative yang:
I like old fluted cranks, all australian frames, that cool looking criss-cross pattern stencil looking paint job, columbus tubing, and that white samson with chrome lugs thats always on smith/brunswick st.

knobs who wear their helmets backwards… still undecided which is worse - the backwards skate helmet, or the backwards road type lid.
Skate: wind up with the helmet coming halfway down their face; or
Road: they have a big stoopid protrusion hanging off their forehead

one thing also that annoys me , mostly i just dont understand why whats with the cable ties on helmets , i figure maybe to hold the foam to the shell , but why not trim the excess off

Pet Peeve: Goddamn bright bike lights in my eyes on two-way/shared bike paths. Blinds the crap out you and ruins any distance judgement. Is it a bike or a train? Is it 5 meters from me or 500? fcked if i know.

this so that magpies can’t grab onto your lid/head when they are swooping

cant say iv ever had that issue :stuck_out_tongue: