Peter Bundy Size 52 cm

looks familiar? :confused:

Handmade Peter Bundy Track Bicycle size 52 cm | eBay

temptation is strong on this one.

Just buy it Aaron then I’ll get it off you lol

It’s the ‘not bundy that Peter Bundy thinks it might be his yet not sure bundy that has been for sale for months’.

Who knows!

Pretty decent price… Will consider picking it up for a shorter friend…

Q: Is what is pictured included in the price?
A: Hi, Yes

Price is worth it just for the pot plant.

Alternatively, if someone can negotiate with the guy to get it to my shop (Surry Hills) I can post it for y’all.

Been on Gumtree for a while

Anyone with a better idea know if this would be drilled for a front brake?

It’s not. It has rubbish unicrown forks