Peter Bundy Track

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Nice paint.

im winning it atm :slight_smile:

Ray, will this one be the right size for yo like the 'Dale you just bought?

Are you sure?

I’m sure the only reason I’m now bidding is so Ray doesn’t win.

Anyone in Melbs live out that way incase I win?

I do. But since I’ll be winning it, you won’t need my help.

This is getting out of hand.

I’ll be in Melbs next week :wink:

So Ray, do you have zero feedbacks?

the 53cm faggin looks the goods too. anyone winning that one?

That’s my other option.

I’m in on all the bikes, the vacuum sealing system, and the Peugeot right hand mirror.

I’m the seller and I’m keeping them all.

How’s that attitude going?

Seriously, does any body but green noobs and hormonal teenagers(Ray?) actually bid this early on ebay? Sniping software is the norm for real players surely?

I like to bid early and make sure I don’t miss out on a bargain :smiley:

LOL ,you must Be zerofucks cRAYzy.

No Ray?? Where’s he gone…

if his bragging earlier was true he is once again the highest bidder

well he said he’s only got 200 bucks for fixie parts.

So if you bid above that, you should be safe.

Ugly ass paint job.