Peter Bundy Track

Found this about a year ago on Gumtree - the owner had bought it from a bike shop in Wagga and never ridden it. When they moved to Canberra, it was just taking up space. It had on it DA tubs with mystery rims, and mismatched cranks (Dura Ace/Sugino Super Mighty/Superbe chainring)

Since then i’ve mostly ridden it as a commuter, switched over some wheels I had, and put a basket on it. I finally got my hands on some other bits and pieces a couple of weeks ago and cleaned it up.

Peter Bundy track, unknown tubing, I think Suntour dropouts?
Dura Ace 7600 hubs to Mavic OP
Dura Ace 7600 cranks, Suntour Superbe chainring (looking for DA)
Nitto cockpit (Pearl and risers or track drops)/Champ grips
Sugino SM seatpost, Arione saddle (I’ll switch this to a Concor or similar soon)
MKS/Toshi strap pedals
Aaaaand most days has a Wald basket on the front

645 camera? Fuji film? Rad bike.

That’s rad.

Rad 3rd

Quite nice.

Many rads, very red, wow.


V. nice.

Hello Canberra.

noice noice noice

so is this machine going to do some rounds in the recently re-opened Bundahdome?

Cool , like the bridge photo …nice bike

I’m contemplating it - although I think i’m too time poor to participate in the training sessions. I’d love to do the training days though, i’ll look into it after my exams!