- too good to be true?

My scam-o-meter is up in the red, but what do you think?


Full Red for under $1000, Rival 2010 groupset for $270, minimum order 5 sets.

Tell 'im he’s dreaming?

Just spotted the payment method. Please send email to and you will receive payment instructions. He’s dreaming.

Not a fucken chance of legitimacy.
Chorus 11sp for $350??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

$373 cinelli Mash Framset to add to the list of lulzzzzzzzzzz

Don’t do it

Peter’s Shop address

Jln. Batik Manteron No.33 - Bandung 40123
West Java
(022) 2501666

Gotta be bootlegged stuff for sure!

Payment system seems legit though - although I did not sign up ha

There’s a few hundred different domains all offering highend cycling shit for 30% of rrp out of Indonesia.

If the price is stoopid low and the address is in Indo - prepare to loose your coin

i kinda wanna email them and ask how i pay for my Di2 groupset. at just over $1000USD, it’s too good to miss!!

Just go outside and throw your $1000 in the air. Should be close enough


Someone should do this. Western Union or Moneygram only perhaps??

i’ll let you know.

edit - i might even tell them i’ll be in indo next week and see what they say.

Peter cycle is too close to pedophile when you say it out loud for my liking.

I lodged a scam watch report with the ACCC, just to make it official. They have a BMC impec frame for about 2.5K (50% off current retail). If you take the trouble of going through the “pay peter” email they ask for a wire transfer… absolute bollocks.

could just be fake shit, just like everything else in bali besides the teak wood and shrooms