Petit Bleu

I know most of you have seen her already, but I thought I might do the official thing and post a few pics of Petit Bleu, now I’ve signed up to this crazy forum.

Gitane/indeterminate-Japanese frame (thanks again Nath), Sugino 165mm cranks, SR stem to wee Abbotsford-Cycles-girl-sized-drops, Terry Butterfly TI rail saddle (very comfy), Formula hubs laced to CXP-22 Mavic rims.

… the funnest thing to ride ever. And nice to admire in my living room while I work. Big thanks to Michael for his help and expertise with a 15mm spanner and set of allen keys.


Have to say that’s a classic looking ride, congrats. Is it a new build up?



It’s a mix of old and new bits: old frame, cranks, stem; new wheels, bars, saddle, brake, etc.

lovely, lovely bike. and pretty special saddle for this corner o the world. whered you pick it up? i think yours in the neatest brake setup i’ve seen.
on that note, in adelaide on a recent trip, i saw a paconi track frame doing messenger work with a centre pull mafac or weinemann, actuated by a toestrap over the bras and trhough the wire… i thought in a scene where pretty much everything has been done to deat (barring the use of terry seats), it was “cool”.

That’s one sexy little piece of… steel!

Thanks guys!

Picked up the saddle from Freedom Machine in Port Melbourne during their 20% off sale :smiley:
And that’s a very pretty IRD Cyclocross lever, courtesy of Mikey’s mad eBay skillz.

Good one JP, the lever is a pretty neat little CNC alu unit, and with a nice, short white cable outer, it makes for a very resolved setup. They’re available here and are a definite step up from a Tektro or a Cane Creek lever. (Toe strap actuation doesn’t sound very safe?)

It would be an understatment to say that I was stoked with how this little pony came together - well done 'Ness!

Yo know what? I’ve been looking at this lil beut and I really like it, it’s so clean lookin.

Kinda makes me want to clean up Sarah’s Raleigh and maybe fix it too.