Peugeot track

Hey all. i’ve been a lurker here for a while but never had much to contribute. I just picked up this Peugeot track frame off a mate and don’t really know anything about it. Hoping someone has some insight. Fits me perfectly. really nice smooth ride coming from an aluminum Kona frame (paddywagon) most of the parts have just been swapped in from my old frame and when I get a chance i’ll probably get a new crankset and wheels when I feel the need. Suits my needs just fine at present.

Peugeot 58cm 531 frame, campy headset. unknown stem, nitto bullhorns, vero crankset (42-14) mks touring pedals. sunrims wheelset from kona etc.

anyways. hoping someone has someone has some info on the frame, if other photos/angles would help let me know.


Just a guess but i’d be surprised if its a Peugot frame. It looks to be more likely a local frame that someone has put a Peugot road fork in judging by the clearances. Nice bike regardless.

are you thinking its a peugeot track simply by the forks? The forks look more like road forks rather than ‘track’ forks. Did you drill them or did they come drilled?

The few peugeot track frames ive seen look a little different.

are there any markings on the rest of the frame to indicate it might be a peugeot?

editt* beaten!

some peugeot track frames

actually yeah, that all makes a lot of sense. was drilled for brake before i got it, nothing to make me think it wasn’t like that from factory and nothing on the rest of the frame to indicate its actually a peugeot or that the fork and frame were ever meant to be together. hah. oh well. it works. i like it.

It’s a hillman.


[Apologies, this was/is a joke.]

…ahhh. okay. any idea what kinda tubing would be used/age etc? i know sweet nothing about them.

I thought we decided that all unknown track frames were McBains?

Seat post diameter is usually the easiest way to narrow down what tubing it it. Notice too how the road fork makes the front end sit a little higher.

Paddywagons are steel.

Nice looking bike. Your valves should have a party and invite your tyre labels around.

it is a nice looking bike.

I’d be more concerned that the brakes shoes were aligned on the rim (it appears not from the photos)

yeah i took the photos just after i chucked the bike together they have been aligned now.