Peugeot UO-10 ss

Peugeot UO-10 rebuilt as single speed, just taken for its maiden ride.
Original frame - rust treated, polished and clear-coated.
Velocity Pro elite deep V rims, campagnolo #1035 record / super record hubs hf freshly laced, new vittoria rally tubs.
SR - 48t crankset with 18t freewheel, leotard quill pedals, Moustache bars, old cruiser levers, new velo studded saddle, new dual pivot brakes.

Lots of fun!

tubular rims on a townie bike?

Not by design, got them on fleabay and when they arrived they where tubs… Sometimes you have to go with what you’ve got.

seat lower than bars?

yeah fair enough we have all been in that situation before

sorry to sound like an arse, but generally, ebay auctions have pictures and descriptions, you probs could’ve figured it out.

Also, raise seat or get a smaller frame, whatever you need.

The back of the seat is higher and the middle about level with the grips.

So Dylan, never bid on something spontaneously?
And obviously never been in love with a classic frame, then tend to come in one size… large.
As a short arse, you just learn to deal with it.

You know thats not a rule of thumb for bike fit, right?

Umm, i’m pretty sure since the invention of the ‘ordinary bicycle’, bikes were made in different sizes. The ‘ordinary bicycle’ was made with different wheel sizes to accomodate the length of the users legs needing to reach the cranks that were on the front hub.

And forever onwards through time, bikes have been made in varying sizes to fit all body shapes and lengths. Why, I’ve had many sizes of ‘classic’ frames myself, whilst trying to figure out what size was correct for me.
go get fitted up before your knees disconnect themselves from your soul.

Also, try selling your awkward tubs on here to someone who’ll put them on a track bike and ride it on the track, and with the money buy yourself a cell mallet in a size XS if you think you need it.
There’s only one thing worse than a bike that isn’t fitted correctly, and that’s a bike that doesn’t actually fit!

if you are in love with this frame i would have thought you build it up the way it was intended to be built as a roadie with some good parts not as a conversion?
i know i sound like a c**t but if you are in love with it, i dont think your showing it much love.

You could never sound like a c**t Xavier!
Also I thought you were in Morocco?

Yes, purely responding to the question posed:
seat lower than bars?

My rule of thumb in this instance is rideability, enjoyability and freedom from back ache from too high a seat.

WHOOPS i DIDN’T REALISE CAPS LOCK WAS ON, sorry I’m not shouting at you.

Hey Guys, you probably want to give Marty a break, first build and it might not be perfect but thats ok. On the first build you work out what is right for you and then work it out from there. It’s all good.


Thanks Keir, I was beginning to think there were no gentlemen on this forum…

True, My Dylan used to be the annoying noobie, now he is handing out the advice.

And still being annoying! (insert smiley here)

naww dylan your the cutest!
nepal… IM BACK

IMO lower the quill and flip the bars. otherwise, a good build! enjoy it.