Peugeot UO-10 ss

interesting thing was though, I had my saddle too high!

And Keir, the only way to learn is to be scoffed at by idiots with higher post counts.

hey hey hey people, nice looking bike, hope it feels a pleasure to ride, and it makes you want to ride everywhere. Just pedal!

when people offer constructive criticism on your build, they are being helpful.

if you need to have the seat that low in order to reach the pedals, the frame is too big for you. i don’t care how freaking fantastic the frame is, if it’s too big, it’s not fantastic for you.

stop being so precious. learn from those who have been around longer than you.

and welcome to the forum.

Nah, its just Copenhagen fit. Its nice in a townie sorta way.

Rather than moustache bars are they just flipped girlie bars?