Peugeot with Mavic Group - cheap and no bids - ends Saturday

Peugeot Road Bike | eBay

Nice! If this was near me I’d grab it.


As if I haven’t been watching this from the get go.


Someone scored. Most NOS Mavic stems are priced around the final auction price of this whole bike. Nice one !!

not to mention the starfish cranks! lovely.

This one is back. Apparently non-paying buyer.

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Contacted the seller to see if he would budge on the ‘local pickup only’ - No such luck :frowning:

Anybody in Sydney’s south who would be prepared collect it and to box it up (properly) in exchange for some $$ ? This is perfect for a buddy of mine so I’m pretty keen to bid on it. If someone is prepared to help out please let me drop me a line.

Otherwise. Sydney locals… get yourself a bike with a nice mavic group.

Anyone here?? I went up too $261.75 but have no room whatever, so maybe a good thing.

love the peugeot panto on the forks, good buyin for something rarely seen.

I went to $255

god damn it you guys haha, yeah i forgot about it and left it to 250. was a bit boozy at a work function.

A mate of mine bought this. He’s gonna pick it up tomorrow and will be rolling for the weekend.

Great score, can’t wait to see it.