PF30 troubles

Hey FOA! I had a PF30 BB on an SL4 Tarmac replaced around 4 weeks ago because of a creaking noise. Originally I had a Wheels MFG adapteroriginally which I got bike store A to replace with a Sugino Super Ceramic Converter(IDS-24, DA9000 cranks). It seemed stiff and wouldn’t even spin a turn when the crank was pushed forcefully. A week later I took it into bike store B who took out extra spacers left in which were apparently overloading it. It seemed better but not great.

About a week ago it starts creaking and so I take it to bike store B who Loctite it in place, which bike store A didn’t do. It solved it until yesterday when it started creaking again. I looked at it when I got home and found that the cups on the drive side aren’t flush with the frame, I’d say the gap is around 3mm wide. My hunch is that this is causing the creaking but I’m not sure? Could anyone shed some light on this and what to do next?

Take it to bike shop C?
That sugino one looks kind of rubbish as the cups have very little grab inside the frame,
This was the problem with the campy cups too.

These ones from praxis are the best as they screw together,
Any of the push ins will creak no matter what you do.

PF30 BBs aren’t compatible with specialized OSBB frames…

I have used and continue to use the wheels adaptors on my own and on my customers bikes. why did you go away from them?

I use wurth bearing retainer when installing the bearings into alloy cups that are either part of the frame (on newer models) or installed as an upgrade to replace the nylon press in cups (get an authorized dealer to do this). I was disappointed when wheels changed from a shimano specific to a universal style adaptor, just means a bit more trial and error during installation.

The praxxis adaptor is an excellent option, but I agree with dayne, that sugino adaptor looks a bit shit, there’s not a lot of contact and there’s not a lot of preload in the system, so it’s going to creak.

^what he said.
OSBB is a major cock up. the latest iteration of aluminium cups from spec reduce the width of the bb shell but about 3/4mm. this is a problem too for some bb types.

do you still have the old bearing/WM bits?

where in melb are you? pm me. i can probably fix your problems.

also, also, those bb cable guides creak when dirty.