Phil Grease

Can I get this in Melbourne.

I want to rebuild the bottom bracket of my race bike this weekend and don’t want to use the heavy grease I use on the commuters parts!

If not, anyone got an equivalent suggestion?

Dan has got some, I think, I got my Phil grease off him about a year ago.

‘Slick Honey’ is very very nice for bearings. Not heavy but slick, Slippery and persistent, kind of like toddler snot. I think Dirt Jerx bring it in, so most LBSs should be able to get hold of it.

Seriously how good r phil grease? I want to get them but r they just overated or they got their unique features i.e. water-proof??

They aint expensive tho…so i should give them a try. Just asking for opinion.

It’s green and it smells different.

I find Finishline bike grease works very well

Smells like PHIL WOOD sweat?? mMMMMMH smooothh

if it’s purely for track, and indoors, you might want to consider oiling your bearings instead of grease.
back in the day oiled hubs were the bomb.
no seals, no dust covers, rebuild (or at least re-oil) after every race.
was the way to go way back when…

yes, but I don’t want to do that right at this moment!
Just want really good quality grease

Dan has Phil. It is good.

a few old trackies down here used to use a spray of crc57 between races (no seals or dust covers) AND spin the excess out with a power drill…back in the day

The guys at Abbotsford have it - $11 a tube

It is worthwhile keeping in mind that Campag, Phil, Pedros and virtually all the rest don’t make lubricants, just repackage something from Shell and the like. For instance, Phil’s Tenacious Oil is actually chainsaw oil.

Pick lubricants that have the properties you want from a lubricant specialist, you’ll be able to get a litre or more for the cost of 100 ml of ‘bicycle grease’ or ‘bicycle oil’.

Going on that I’ve been using Castrol HTB (I think thats the one - high temp grease) for the day to day bikes.
Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use this in my racing bike.


does anyone know who makes the Phil Grease?

Car grease is way too thick. I am using Castrol HTB they r way too thick.
Have anyone heard of Amsoil?

High temperature bearing grease isn’t too useful for bikes, their bearings don’t run hot (except for coaster brake hubs).

Anyone every used Zefal Fine Grease,,en.php

I just bought some and then I look at this and it states that it is for cables and headsets.

I want to use it on my BB

It is pretty light I must say.

Castrol HTB is the brownie baby shit coloured stuff yeah? if so, from memory it was sooper dooper thick and not much good…

We use Motorex in the workshop, Ninja Turtle Green in colour makes it aesthetically pleasing. It’s the kind of ‘standard’ grease we use in repairs etc. And works well in most ‘standard’ apps.

Slick Honey is nice.