Phil Vs Profile

Looking for a new rear hub, specifically looking at a phil wood or profile track for street use. Leaning towards profile at the moment, as they seem pretty good (tough and very well sealed and therefore very little maintenance). Trying to stay away from dura ace as is replacing a campy loose ball and looking for less servicing and not crapping itself in the wet . However my mind is not completely made up, and am open to opinions, trying to keep it around $200, can get a profile for $150 US

Love the lock rings that come with the profile hubs. I have one on order at the moment.

the lock rings on the profile hubs look indestructible. but if it was my money i would go with Phil Wood. there just awesome hubs very low maintenance as well. bearing are easy to come buy if you ever need to replace them… and they looks sweet wether there low or high flange.

good luck.

I love phil hubs. against better advice from people here to go for white industries hubs for a new build I went with what I knew.

the profile lock ring looks ‘indestructible’ but if you look at the picture on their website, half the threads and lockring are hanging off the hub anyway.

What I’m trying to say is that there is probably the same amount of threaded section for the lock ring to bite onto on the hub, the only difference the wide lock ring will have is that it will be easier to get the tool to stay on there.

so if you fark the thread section on the hub, the big ass lock ring won’t do shit.

Edit - not to say I have any experience with the Profile hubs- they do look reasonable quality tho

edit again: the pic on this page Profile Racing

go with the one you like the look of most! both are excellent hubs that will take more than the average person can dish out to break.

Thanks guys, cant really see one being better than the other, will probably go for the profiles as i like the little details a little bit more. Didn’t really think that there would be a massive difference

don’t forget royce hubs from the UK- stunning bits of engineering.

My road race spare front wheel is a royce hub from 1983 !

Personally I’d got with the Phils. I’ve seen a broken Profile but never a broken Phil. And the Profile warranty period is 30 days, while the Phil one is for life.

I’m not sure if is an issue with the Profile track hubs, but the Profile bmx hubs are notorious for having a slight ‘wobble’ from brand new. From friends that have dealt with this issue, Profile have advised them to shim the hub, which fixes the problem but isn’t something that you really want to be doing when you’ve paid so much for a hub.

I’d personally go low flange Phils, but I’ve never had any real life experience with either of them, I just think they look a bit nicer than Profile.

i have some phils. very, very happy with them.

I read in cog that the profile’s chainline is 2mm out. Makes for the occasional chain jump and slop. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but that sounds whack to me. Get phil’s, imo.

Phils will make you smile every time you look at them*. Profiles probably won’t.

*so will White Industries, but maybe not as much

what you mean is that profiles have a 40 or 44mm chainline. its not that they are out, its that you need to adjust from the (somewhat) standard 42mm to account for their spacing. this usually means a different bb but there are (probably) other ways of dealing with it as well.

if you spend the coin to get profiles and then run a ‘bent’ chainline you is stoopid.

paul hubs also have a 44mm chainline and you arent going to make many friends by calling that company wack :wink:

They certainly make me smile. (They also have a non “track” chainline)

you can have my Eno when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers :wink:

1 eccentric rear, 1 straight rear, 2x MI5 front. So nice.

From what I’ve heard, don’t bottom brackets vary by spindle lengths of 3mm? So, it’d be out by 1mm, I’d guess that’s not too bad right?