Phil Wood BB and thread locking compound


I’m fitting a Phil BB I bought off Kit (thanks Kit) and I’m pretty sure I’ve got the concept right, but I just wanted to check.

So I test fit the BB with the crank on to make sure chainline is right, then pull it all apart and put some Loctite 242 on the cup threads and fit it properly. Sound right? You don’t put the thread lock anywhere else right?

I have one BB tool, but when I go to tighten a cup it loosens the other side, so I’ve ordered another one. Sounds right eh?

Yes test fit, yes loctite, yes one tool will do fine but its a balancing act.

Thanks mate. Loctite on BB threads seems cray cray, but I can see how it’s necessary for Phils.

Righto, so I’ve got one side flush with the BB shell, and the other one tight has about 2.5 threads sticking out. Sound normal?

Its not what is normal, but what gets the correct chain line. Shift it to where ever suits for your cranks.

Yeah cool. Just had in my mind that there wouldn’t be any thread sticking out once set. Turns out that snot the case though.