Phil Wood Fixie

Dont want to start a fight with NDF, but is this as cool as the Baum you like??


dunno why, but comparing them side by side…

The Baum just seems to appeal to me more. Maybe it’s the more traditional seat stays, and the lack of lugs… Maybe it’s the Pista wheelset - but there’s very little between them :slight_smile:

I’m not fussy… I wouldn’t kick either out of bed…! :slight_smile:

I like the Phil one better.

I wonder if I could buy one? I’d be prepared to pay substantial amounts of money.

DO IT!! Just send em an email. :slight_smile: You could always atach a copy of your special phone bill as a proof of ability to spend hahehahe.

Neither of them really do much for me. They look much the same - compact frames, straight forks, inline seatposts, non-tapered seatstays, ugly tyres and fat rims… :roll:

I suppose the shiny frame and bits on the Phil Wood tip the difference though. At least they’ve put time into polishing rather than beadblasting :wink:

Reply from Phil Wood says I can’t afford it… :frowning:

The bike as it stands would apparently cost over $10k US.

Seems a bit excessive to me but hey, who am I to argue with their pricing structure.

more pics here:

Support your local bike artiste:

That’s nice, not sure about the colours though.

Me wither but his work is awesome.
Check out his site for some more porn:

My absolute favourite:

Blimey, they’re both awesome!


$10,000 Australian for the silver one.
He is based in Ferny Grove, Brisbane which is just up the road from me.
One day I will have a hand built Llewellyn with hand carved lugs like that one.
Just gotta by a buyer for part of my pancreas.

I hear there’s quite a waiting list so if you can cough up a deposit you’ll probably have plenty of time to save the rest of the cash :slight_smile:

Spuddy! This gallery on the Llewellyn site is for you:

Just get a Frezoni if the wait is too long. Joe Cosgrove paints Darryl’s frames anyway and Joe is a skilled framebuilder. Not many can fillet-braze in silver!

Tell me about it… just gotta ride 1000k next week then ill crank a few out.

Interesting! I wonder… How does he manage to get the silver fillets strong enough? Isn’t there some sort of cracking issue with silver in a fillet?

Only if it isn’t done properly, as with all joining methods. Other builders that regularly silver fillet-braze are Alex Moulton and ICE.