phil wood hubs

Am wanting people to register interest for $130 phil wood hubs. this is possible depending on amount of replies. reply to this user

little bit more info thanks.
$130 each? or for a set? low/high flange?


i would like to register interest, with reference to above questions.

  • me, but yeah… more details.

I’d eat my hat if they’re $130.00 for a pair… :roll:
(And I’d order 10x sets lol)


pending additional details +1

I’ll take 2 pairs, asuming this is happening.

Would you like me to deposit the money into your offshore bank account? :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 pending further details.
Low flange 36 in silver.

i dont think there is going to be any shortage of interest.

Can i just send a bunch of cash to your po box?

what kind of phil wood hubs? more information man.

i’d be keen though.

First you have to guess his name :evil:

+14.7 i’ll take two sets at 130 a pair.

+1 keening


and I should add of course I am not the slightest bit curious to how phil online lists them at US$349.50 a set for the most basic 36H fixed option vs your price…

Personally I’d be shocked if it was $130/pr given the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price - seppo for Regular Retail Price) of $350. This of course doesnt mean that you have to sell them for $350 but its not often you see them (new) for much less than $250/pr.

Thus if it is 130/pr someone is taking a loss, but 260/pr sounds like someone looking to make a bulk deal on some stock that may well have been sitting on their shelves for a while (or add to an upcoming order to get them a better price).

having said that… if it is 130/pr i’ll put my hand up. At that price i’d hold onto them for a future build.

$130 fuck yes

high flange 36 hole…

$260… maybe

Please put me on the list too.

I’d be interested in a pair. Details please! :smiley:

brought two sets of 32 highs @ $250 us a pair and thats cheap…