phil wood hubs

id be in for a fixed/fixed

would there not be enough thread to fit a freewheel on the fixed/fixed version?

According to Sheldon, not a problem.

$130 au for one hub. Its all legit just circumventing massive profit margins is all. might not be for a little while. will keep you all posted.

Will talk to more people on the Wednesday fix ride.

Thread started:

August 30, 2009

I’m guessing this is not going ahead…

Not sure at the moment still waiting… Frig :roll:

id be interested in $200 for a set

especially if you are in melbourne

Its ok to admit your full of shit.

I know, FFS can someone lock this thread otherwise they’ll be a million more “hey man I’m super keen to get a set of Phil’s for $50.00!”

+1 lock thread