Pick up only in south Australia.

Get on it.


Need some of these then.

Air the bleachy smell and you’re right.

And the listing has been removed…

No surprises there.

It was in yesterday’s paper. The listing was removed because it could cause trauma to the victims families, but the real estate agent claimed it was a legit property transaction and that the DVD’s of “Snowtown” should also be removed from sale on eBay because they could cause grief for the families. They’re trying to get it re-listed.

And its up again:

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

The real estates page is pretty interesting. Just all the media links on there…

this would be a pretty cool setup if it wasnt for the chopped up people thing

a proper barrel of laughs

Bank vault - secure bike storage.

i always wondered which genius decided to dispose of the chopped up bodies in a place where they would definitely be found. i dont think it would be that hard to dispose of a body if it was all chopped up, put it in a mincer if you have to!

Wood chipper?

wood chipper might be a bit too powerful, i am guessing it would be difficult to contain all the flesh chips in bags for distribution/disposal

i feel there is more to alexb618 than meets the eye.

Namely, a killer’s instinct.

anyone who says they havent thought about this stuff is lying!

i just think about fixies.

lugged with campagnolo, otherwise no soul

mind you no soul is better than no limbs

+1 - and a nice commute to the city.

Wood chipper…


the fucks a lug?