Pickyourshoes group buy

Hey guys,
I’m keen on getting some shoes off Nike Air Force 1 - Jordan Retro Shoes - Nike Air Max Running Shoes - Athletic Shoes Online - Sneakers - Casual Shoes - Apparels - Accessories if anyone else has been thinking about it but not wanting to pay all that postage.
It’s $38 + $8 for every pair after that, so there more the merrier.
I live in Melbourne so I could post to other cities after I recieve the first package but would rather keep it easy with Melbourne locals.

hmmm i might be keen, but i live in perth.
is there any limit to the shoe brands you can include? sorry, never done a group buy before haha

there’s no limit at all man, as much as you want

well yeah i’d be keen for a pair of asics and maybe some adidas. keep us posted if it goes ahead man!

Hey man, come thursday when my pay comes through i’d be keen to grab a couple of pairs. I’ll let you know what.

Keep your order under $1000AUS otherwise you’ll suffer taxes when the shipment arrives to our shores.

yeah i’d be keen. when are you placing the order?

probably next week some time, gonna wait till i have money for both shoes and general living

so being new to this whole group buy thing, i just want to double check i understood what you said with the pricing and ask what is probably an obvious question… so when you say $38 + $8 for every pair after that, if i was to buy two pairs, does that mean it will cost me $46? or is is $38 per each pair of shoes plus $8 for each additional pair, which would be $84 (38 + 38 + 8)?
$46 for two pairs of shoes just seems stupidly cheap lol.

If its just runners Wiggle is free shipping no ball or street stuff though.

$38 is the flat rate at which a package is sent to Australia. Depending on how many people we get into the group buy, this $38 will be divided between us. So if there are three people it will be a bit over $12 each, four people it will be $9.50 and so on. The other $8 comes into play on how many shoes you want, the site charges $38 for one pair then + $8 for every pair after. So if four people buy one pair of shoes each, it will be $9.5 each for postage then + 3x$8, $24 divided by four gives us 6. So it ends up costing us $15.50 each for postage. If you are getting more than 1 pair, the $8 will not be divided but just added to your total.

wow that is stupidly cheap.
yeah man i’m definitely keen. is it too much trouble that i’m in perth?

edit: obviously i’m happy paying for any extra postage costs to send the shoes from you to me.

^ myrve, might be worthwhile starting a perth one bud.

The group buy does make buying the shoes very cheap, but I’m a bit worried you’re not getting it.
None of what Paddy has said relates to the actual price of the shoes, it’s all about postage. The price of the actual shoes is on the website. The purpose of the group buy is essentially to split up that initial $38 postage fee.
If I’m wrong and you got all this before, apologies and feel free to ridicule me.

oh okay, yeah i did not get that, heh :blush: cheers for the clarification. if that’s the case i probably can’t afford to buy any right now unfortunately sorry pm. being poor sucks! my eyes lit up when i saw the price, i thought i was going to be able to afford new clothes for once, haha!

Haha, I thought the same thing as you at the start. Wouldn’t say no to an 8 dollar pair of janoskis.

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Order will be put in on Friday so hit me up if you keen

did this go through?