Pinarello Dogma as gift... if you're Paul Smith

No offense gramps, but why do you need this?? :slight_smile:

New Bike - Paul Smith Blog - Paul Smith

I’ve only had time to go round the block on it so far but it really is very very special!

So he’s going to commute on it!

Having said that the Paul Smith blog is very cool, and he actually rides a bike apparently…

He needs to branch out into ‘urban bike apparel’.
Though for 400 GBP, this jacket would need to be at least, waterproof.

Dude’s legit, loves bikes and can pull a trackstand better than any other 60-ish year old “Sir” i know of


he will prob ride it more than the blokes ive seen riding dogmas

60 years old… No handed trackstand… VALIDATED

although LP I’m sure the SIR Chris Hoy will give him a run for his money in a couple of decades time!

He’s actually the coolest dude. Not just are his products amazingly stylish he can do a no handed trackstand? Say what?

Paul Smith’s dream was to become a pro cyclist, until the age of 17, he had a pretty bad accident that f*$ked up his leg and was no longer able to ride properly.

You know, seriosuly, my name is Paul Smith. Do I win?

TomHall will confirm…

Where’s my Pino…

Nah mate no bike, that ID’s fake, there’s a picture of a girl on it.

I almost claimed that he was the best trackstanding Sir that I knew of, but then Sir Chris came to mind… I knew someone would pull me up on that

This sucks.

actual huge lolz. Kinda reminds me of the ruckus i brought to Singapore customs.