Pinarello TT Bike

Loving the paintjob!

that is sweet and i never like fancy geared shit (makes me feel poor)

Ahhh … regarding paintjob’s and Pinarello’s, there was a Prologo (the name for this bike) that was introduced in the late 80’s with a Smoke Effect paintjob. It stands to this day as one of my all time favourite looking bikes ever. You gotta see it in the flesh … very cool. From a little further away it almost looks like a kind of grey camoflage.

I wanted one of these badly back in the day. I’ve always loved the look of funny bikes … especially the Prologo. Just the thought of using one as an urban fixie weapon made me wanna adjust my pants but now that I’m old(er) I refuse to even consider putting my back out for something without a pulse !!! :smiley:

And most all of them (including the one’s below) are made of Columbus Cromor which many “experts” snub their noses at, deeming it inferior or low grade because it’s seamed tubing and was relatively cheap-er. PM me if you’d like to throw away any of that Cromor junk :wink: