EDIT: link removed, someone who really wants this has asked for me to remove the link.

link me on fb!

For eBay items I’ve found that a thread here usually gets enough people who say they’re interested and forget to bid and the rest of us gentlemen keeping out so it goes cheap in the end.

Thought it was a road frame but it’s not so not interested anyway!

51 top tube and 45 seat tube… bit small

removing link = 5 years ebay bidding bad luck


Pinarello Opera Steel Frame Road Bike in Melbourne, VIC | eBay


dumbest shit ever … if I could roll my eyes any further they’d droop out my ears.
4,500,000 users on Aussie ebay and some retarded group of people here think they can keep a secret and bag a surprise.
I propose instabans …

Yeah, anything up on ebay is fair game. If they’re that much of a tight arse, they don’t deserve a Pinarello.

I don’t think retarded is the appropriate word to use. A mate said they were keen and asked if I could remove the link, didn’t think it’d cause such a fuss to be honest.

I’ll make sure I don’t remove a link like this ever again just so no one gets upset.

Not upset at all, just can’t believe people here can be so dumb …

all’s fair in love and ebay.

move along people.