Pinch punctures?? Too hard to repair?

I’ve been getting more and more of these lately and due to the size of the hole and it’s closeness to the second hole and am having trouble repairing them 100%.
Any hints?

ps I Googled Images ‘pinch flats’ and got this


yep - try this… works a treat:
YouTube - Fixed Gears are out, Tireless is in.

Put more air in the tyres?

Use the correct tyre pressure, avoid gutters, make sure you’re not pinching the tube with the bead of the tyre.

As for repairing, get the bigger patches, the elongated ones. Has worked for me on pinch flats.
And let me join the chorus: avoid gutters, and try not to hit the edge of potholes too hard. Or get some big cushy 32c tyres, seems to be working for me (touches all the wood in vicinity)…

I know it seems a little obvious but if the hole(s) are really that big isn’t it worth spending $8 on a new tube and pumping your tires up properly next time?

nope - I even patch tubes that I’ve skidded through and slashed to pieces

^ nope… I agree!!!
We are almost at the point of losing the art of patching tubes.
I find it very cathartic. Just after some hints that’s all.

How old are your tyres? I was getting stacks of pinch flats on the back and I checked out my tyres on the internet and found they were notorious for having piss weak side walls. So I ditched the tyre and got something heavy duty - no more pinch flats…